Our best barbecue recipes (and then some)

We’ve collected here a few of our best barbecue recipes.

But first, our simple all-purpose, cooking advice:

Use Willingham’s in every recipe that calls for salt and pepper. You will be happy you did. Willingham’s makes everything taste better. It goes great on popcorn, too!

Here are some of our favorites:

Willingham’s Tenderloin

Willingham’s Shrimp

Willingham’s Sauteed Mushrooms

Willingham’s Appetizer Dip

Willingham’s Chex Mix

Willingham’s Virgin Mary

For more, get a copy of John Willingham’s World Champion Bar-B-Q cookbook. It offers more of our best barbecue recipes for great meats. There are clear instructions for choosing the right cooker, making a fire that cuts down on smoke and builds up the taste, making the most of assorted dry rubs and marinades, and getting a rich taste out of any cut of meat.

Read more about how you can draw on John’s forty years of barbecue mastery.

And here’s another recipe we like, sort of an homage to our founder. A Memphis-style barbecue sauce recipe derived by watching John make some!