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Here’s your chance to get the full case discount with your own mix of our World Championship W’ham Seasonings! Choose any 12 bottles and save $16 over the retail cost of 12 individual bottles.

W’ham® Seasoning - Lost At Sea

Ranked as the #1 Seafood Rub at the 2023 Awards of Excellence ceremony by the National BBQ & Grilling Association. Our newest addition to the family, this recipe was discovered in the handwritten notes of John Willingham and hidden away for over a decade. Be prepared for a perfectly balanced blend of Savory, Sweet and Sassy seasonings for your favorite seafood and fish dishes. It is also great on all cuts of poultry, pork and beef if you are looking for that new signature flavor profile.

Heat scale (1-10): 4

W’ham® Seasoning - Original Mild

The original and multi-time championship seasoning! W’ham® Original Mild Seasoning is your “secret weapon” for ribs, pork chops, Bloody Marys, salads, baked beans, fried chicken and so much more. Be a cooking champ of anything you bake, broil or barbecue with this seasoning in your cupboard.

Heat scale (1-10): 2

W’ham® Seasoning - Hot Stuff

Imagine your family or friends asking if you have anything hotter. Grab some W’ham® Seasoning Hot Stuff and they’ll see why it was created “For Big Kids Only”. This seasoning is packed with an awesome flavor and has the tasty heat that many fans love. Try it in chili, spaghetti and any of your dishes that need a silky-smooth heat.

Heat scale (1-10): 15

W'ham® Seasoning - Cajun

When you need a seasoning that will turn up the heat on your recipes, reach for W’ham® Cajun Hot. This rub blend checks in on the spice meter between our Original Mild and Hot Stuff blends. It’s got a smooth flavor with a traditional Cajun spice and works great in all your worldly creations wherever you need that little extra kick.

Heat scale (1-10): 5

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