Create Your Own Sauce Case


Can’t decide? Here’s your chance to get the full case discount with your own mix! Choose any 12 bottles of our World Champion Sauces and Marinade and save $14 over the retail cost of 12 individual bottles.

W’ham® Sauce - Original Mild

The Memphis favorite that is used all across the country because of its versatility. When you want a sauce that can be a marinade, baste, rub, finishing or dipping sauce, you want W’ham® Original Mild. It’s smoky, smooth flavor goes with all types of meat, poultry or fish whether you are going to barbecue, grill, bake, smoke, roast, or fry.

Heat scale (1-10): 2

W'ham® Sauce - Sweet'n'Sassy


Ranked 3rd at the 2023 Awards of Excellence by the National BBQ & Grilling Association. This is our most popular sauce due to the wizardry of our sauce development team. With a hint of chocolate and made to be a bit thicker than most sauces, it also works great as a dipping or finishing sauce. If you’d like to adjust the taste, add some W’ham® Hot Sauce to add some more sass to the sweet.

Heat scale: 3

20 oz bottle

W’ham® Sauce - Hot Sauce

W’ham® Hot Sauce adds a little of W’ham® Seasoning Hot Stuff FBKO to the formula for W’ham® Original Mild Sauce. It’s hot, just not quite as ridiculously, wonderfully hot as that Cool Breeze stuff. It works well as a marinade/baste, rub, finishing or dipping sauce, and it works on all cuts of meat.

Heat scale (1-10): 12

W’ham® Sauce - Cool Breeze

Some like it hot. Very hot. For all you lovers of something really hot, we made W'ham Cool Breeze Sauce. Nothing sweet here, just delicious heat. This is a combination of some serious spices that goes well beyond our Hot Sauce and is at the top of the heat scale for Willingham’s. You better hope a cool breeze is blowing nearby when you open this one.

Heat scale (1-10): 20!

W’ham® Sauce - Marinade

On visits to New York, John grew fond of the unique flavor of the steaks at the then-oh-so-popular Trader Vic's. Inspired by that mix of flavors, he created his own homage. W'ham® Marinade works great as a marinade or baste, dip, or finishing or dipping sauce for all cuts of game and domestic beef, pork, lamb, fish or fowl. Whether the meat is barbecued, grilled, baked, broiled, smoked, roasted or fried, W'ham® adds World Champion taste to whatever you're cooking.

Heat scale (1-10): 1

16 oz bottle

W’ham® Sauce - Cajun

Back by popular demand our W’ham® Sauce - Cajun is a unique balance of rich flavors with just the right amount of heat. Developed thru many journeys to Louisiana and exploring the vast flavor profiles of the Bayou.  It has always been a crowd favorite as a dipping sauce or topping for ribs, fried catfish and burgers.

Heat Scale: 4

16 oz bottle