W’ham® Turbo Cooker

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W’ham® Turbo Cooker: Less Smoke, More Heat

John Willingham created his W’ham® Turbo Cooker nearly thirty years ago and made his mark in culinary history. No less an authority than Nathan Myrvold, the former Microsoft technologist known for his painstaking research into cooking techniques, credits the W’ham he bought from John for the best ribs he’s ever made.

The cooker minimizes the smoke but maximizes the taste, keeping the fire away from the meat while cooking at low temperature in the indirect fashion that defines classic barbecue. The basic version (60 inches wide, 35 inches deep and 77 inches tall) is built of durable, sanitary stainless steel – to last and last. With it, you can cook 32 slabs of ribs, 100 lbs. of butts or brisket, or 16 burgers. Should the need arise, you can cook 528 hot dogs in an hour.

Willingham’s has also developed a commercial version of the cooker that can handle up to 100 slabs of ribs.

The cooker has won fans all over the country, and has been the foundation of Willingham’s amazing record in barbecue competitions (along with, of course, our rubs and sauces).

Cook Like a Champion

As John always liked to say: “I doubt you can find a better cooker regardless of price: Haint no brag if ya kin doit.” For more information about pricing and getting your own W’ham® Turbo Cooker, please contact us.

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