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Everyone looks for the perfect blend of seasonings to create great tasting food. Created by legendary BBQ Pit-master John Willingham, his W'ham® seasonings, sauces and techniques will give the "secret weapon" for all your creations in the kitchen, at the grill, bbq competition or restaurant.

3 Steps to being an Amazing Cook

1. Buy some W'ham® Seasoning or Sauce

Award-winning world championship flavor is headed your way.

2. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for Techniques, Tips and Recipes

Don't have social media? Don't worry we'll put one in your order each month.

3. Be prepared to be named King of...

the Driveway, Backyard, Neighborhood or Competition.

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Share your culinary creations!

We'd love to see what you come up with in your kitchen using W'ham® sauces and seasonings. Share your photos on Facebook (tag @willinghamsauces) and Instagram (tag @willinghams_bbq) and use the hashtag #thebestnobragjustfact.

At Willingham's™, we know that you want to create amazing meals. In order to do that, you need sauces and seasonings that are versatile enough to go with whatever food you're cooking.

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The problem is there are so many choices for sauces and seasonings that it just gets confusing. You could stand for a long time looking at them on the store shelves and wind up just "picking something".

What if you had a secret weapon? W'ham® products begin with perfectly and specifically blended ingredients that are designed to reduce errors of in-kitchen blending, allowing for uniform preparation with a predictable high-quality result garnering praise from your guests of discriminating tastes. For over 35 years we've been helping restaurants, professional pitmasters and backyard cooks enhance their food. Our seasonings and sauces enhance one's taste and appreciation while allowing beef, pork, fish, fowl, fruits and vegetables to maintain their own individual flavors and put the W'ham® "secret weapon" in all your creations to cook award-winning food anywhere.

We also believe that families and friends that cook together (and play together), stay together. You probably have memories of family meals or cookouts on holidays and other special occasions and you'd like to create those memories for your kids.

Here's what you need to do to create amazing food and memories:

1. Buy Some W'ham® Seasoning or Sauce

2. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for Techniques, Tips and Recipes

3. Be prepared to be named King of...the Driveway, Backyard, Neighborhood or Competition

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