W’ham Lost at Sea Shrimp

Bring a taste of the coast to your table that can be an appetizer, a main course, or an any time snack. It is hard to beat cast iron shrimp on your cooker or in the oven. This is a surefire way to please everyone that appreciates them just like our Herbed Shrimp with Basil recipe.

What You Need

Toss your shrimp with W’ham Lost at Sea Seasoning and set aside. Place slices of butter along the outside of your pan. Arrange Shrimp in your cast iron pan. Sprinkle with the Lemon Pepper to taste and place in your cooker at 300 degrees or oven at 350 degrees. When the shrimp turns pink take out of your cooking source. Do no overcook. Serve immediately.

Serving ideas:

  • If peeled: simply serve shrimp over rice, with salad.
  • If unpeeled: cover your table with newspaper, place shrimp pans in the middle of the table on hot pads, serve with French bread, salad, and lemons, Great for parties. Peel the shrimp, place shells right on the newspaper, dip the bread in the butter, and enjoy, great conversation piece, clean hands with the lemon slices, everything is placed on the newspaper. Easy clean up, by rolling up the newspaper.