Willingham’s Smoked Cream Cheese

Indulge your taste buds in a culinary symphony with our adaption of Smoked Cream Cheese, a luxurious blend of velvety creaminess, captivating smokiness and packed with flavor. This easy-to-follow recipe transforms ordinary cream cheese into a gourmet treat that’s perfect for any occasion.


  • 2 blocks Philadelphia Cream Cheese


Prepare your cooker with your choice of fuel, we prefer Royal Oak Charcoal and Cherry Wood for this recipe or Royal Oak Charcoal Pellets blended 50/50 with Cherry Pellets. You are looking for a cooking temperature between 200° to a max of 224°. You can also prepared this on a gas grill using in-direct heat, if you have a smoking box you can add soaked cherry wood or a dry pellets in a an aluminum foil pouch with a few holes to generate the smoke flavor.

Sprinkle each side of the cream cheese blocks with W’ham Lost at Sea. You can adjust coverage to your personal taste. Place on a sheet pan or small aluminum pan and place on your cooker.

Smoke for an hour to hour and a half. The cream cheese should be soft but not melted at this point and a golden color.

Remove from the smoker.

You can serve this warm or place in the refrigerator to cool and serve later.

Place the block on a serving dish or blend together and place in a serving bowl with crackers or baguette slices.

Optionally Garnish with fresh herbs or a drizzle of honey for added flavor and presentation.