Willingham’s Mardi-Gras Pasta

Popcorn Shrimp (2 Cups) or V-15 Shrimp (8 to 15 shrimp)

1 larger green or red pepper

1/2 large spanish onion

5 to 10 large mushrooms

1 large red tomato

2 teaspoons olive oil

8 oz heavy cream

5 oz Willingham’s W’ham Cajun Hot Sauce

1/4 to 1/2 lbs of cooked spiral pasta

Cook the veggies in the oil unitl warm. If you use the popcorn shrimp, add them after the veggies are cooked or if you using the V-15 shrimp, make sure they are par-cooked. Add the shrimp after veggies are cooked. Add heavy cream and wait until it comes to a boil, then add Willingham’s Cajun Hot Sauce. Wait until sauce comes to a boil, the add the cooked pasta.

If you want a more spicy dish add Willingham’s W’ham Hot Sauce or a a 1/2 tsp of W’ham Hot Stuff (FBKO) Seasoning

Suggested adds:

Add slices of andouille sausage

Top with a sprinkle of parsley

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