John Willingham’s World Champion Bar-B-Q Recipe Book


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John Willingham, who competed in contests nationwide, moves in a subculture where serious barbecuers guard their recipes like the most valuable of trade secrets. In his Bar-B-Q Recipe Book he defines barbecue, in contrast to grilling or roasting, as cooking meat at 250 degrees or lower for a long time with indirect heat. He encourages ‘cuers to build their own cookers and to use wood fuel rather than charcoal. Recipes (more than 150) kick off with starters and breads (using mostly indoor methods) and reach a section called Slow-Cooked Heaven?Real Barbecue, which contains Willingham’s World-Champion Ribs: beef, pork or lamb rib slabs marinated and massaged with a dry rub, refrigerated for 12 hours and cooked at 250 degrees for up to five hours.  Although he provides many sauces, rubs and marinades, Willingham emphasizes the authentic barbecue cooking process, which makes his book most useful to those with the space and time for a serious commitment to ‘cuing.

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